Civil Litigation

    Consequent upon the separation of Prosecution Agency from Police Department , It was decided by the Govt. vide his letter No. 111-4 JJ-75/2274 dated 24.1.1975 that the Director of Prosecution will be the Head of the Department both for Civil and Criminal Litigation. It was also decided by the Govt. that all the District Attorneys, Deputy District Attorneys, Asstt. District Attorneys and Legal Assistants etc. will remain under the control of Director of Prosecution.

    The Director of Prosecution is also the Head of the Directorate of Prosecution, who is functioning under the administrative control of the Head of the Home Department of the State under the provisions contained in section 25 A(3) of Cr. PC.

    During the year 2006 the department has also revised the profroma relating to the monthly criminal diary and separate proformas for Sessions and Lower Courts monthly diaries have also been introduced. To maintain proper record, updating the record and also to improve the efficiency relating to the criminal cases, Master Criminal Registers have also been introduced and supplied to all the District Attorneys posted at Distt. H.Q